Promotion: The Fourth P of Your Deathcare Marketing Mix

For the past month, we’ve looked at what a marketing mix is and defined three of the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, and place. Take a few minutes to skim back through those blog posts as a refresher or to catch up if you’ve missed the series.

Because in this post, we’re bringing it all together with the final P of marketing: promotion.


What Is Promotion in a Marketing Mix?

Once you know what you’re selling, how much it is (and who is likely to pay for it), and where you’re selling it, it’s time to think about how you should promote it. Promotion refers to how you advertise a product.

In most cases, you’ll have numerous answers. That’s good, because multichannel marketing approaches are usually more successful than single-channel approaches. If you only let people know about your new preplanning option on Facebook, for example, you’re seriously limiting who finds out about the service.

Some questions to ponder when defining promotion in your marketing mix include:

  • What channels are best for promoting this specific service to the right target audience? Options might include your website/blog, social media, email, direct mail, and local advertising such as radio, TV, and billboards.
  • When should you reach out to your target audience?
  • What messaging is most likely to resonate? Affordability is a core message when you’re marketing budget cremations, but it wouldn’t be a good message to include if you’re marketing luxury memorial and burial options.

Now that you’ve defined all 4 Ps of your marketing mix, you can create a fleshed-out marketing strategy and execute it. Done the work to define the 4 Ps but not sure what to do next? Working with a partner like Ring Ring Marketing can help!

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