Email Marketing for Funeral Homes 4: Creating CTAs That Convert

Email Marketing

You can write the best email subject line in the world and nail your email length but still get no clickthrough or response if your CTA is lackluster. To round out our April blog post series on funeral home email marketing, we’re offering some actionable tips for CTAs that work.

  • Use simple language. People shouldn’t have to work to take you up on an offer to find out more. This is especially true with a complex and potentially anxiety-inducing topic such as deathcare. Make it easy for people to understand where to click or what to do next.
  • Include a CTA button when possible. A button is an ideal way to simplify your CTA. You can still write a call to action, but a CTA button in a prominent position gives scanning eyes something colorful and obvious to latch onto. Consider putting it at the top of the F (see the post from last week to learn about how people scan content in an F shape.)
  • Test different CTAs. Don’t stick with the same CTA for all your emails. Someone who isn’t ready to preplan their final arrangements now might be ready to download some free information about the benefits of cremation, for example. Changing up your CTAs helps you target more of your audience.
  • Keep it above the fold. As we covered in the second post in this series, you only have seconds to capture reader attention with an email. Ensure the CTA is visible to them before they scroll to ensure it’s part of that first impression.
  • Align CTA verbiage with overall message. Finally, align your CTA with the concept of your email. For example, if the email is about preplanning services, the CTA button might say “Start preplanning now” or “Download free preplanning resources.” This consistency keeps the messaging simple, which helps make it easier for the person to respond.

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