Is Google My Business Really Effective for Funeral Home Marketing?

Google My Business is yet another digital factor you have to keep track of, so it’s not surprising that funeral homes might ask whether GMB is worth the effort. The answer is yes, because it only takes a little time and effort to get maximum benefits from your Google My Business page. Here’s why:

GMB Provides Another Way for You to Show Up for Searches
Let’s face it: Google can be a bit narcissistic. Like any business online, if it can show off its own properties, it will; the search engine is typically keen to display GMB results when they’re relevant to a person’s search.

But that can be good for your funeral home marketing, because it creates another path to the organic search results. In many cases, your site might show up in page one while your GMB page appears in the sidebar, Local Pack or Google Maps listings. That increases the chance that the searcher clicks on your site.

And given that GMB information (including your business phone number, last GMB post, and reviews) can show up on the search page, consumers might become more familiar with your company even without clicking.

For funeral homes, that’s a prime opportunity to connect with families in need. Make sure your phone number is listed on your GMB page and consider implementing a GMB call button. That lets at-need families call you directly from your GMB profile before they can navigate to other pages or get distracted by your competition.

Consumers Increasingly Expect Businesses to Manage Their GMB Profiles
Consumers also expect you to have an updated and accurate GMB page. Over 30 percent turn to GMB to find the most up-to-date information about local businesses, and half use GMB to get directions to a company’s location. A third check photos on GMB pages, making this a great location for funeral homes to present images of service locations and family rooms.

With so many people turning to Google My Business to discovery and interact with local businesses, you can’t afford to leave it out of your funeral home marketing efforts.

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