What’s a Funeral Home Content Marketing Editorial Plan?

Content is the foundation of your funeral home online marketing strategy. If you pour an actual foundation without a plan for what comes next, the best-case scenario is that you end up with an uneven structure. But it’s more likely that you end up with no long-term, quality structure at all.

The same is true for online marketing, which is why every funeral home needs a content marketing editorial plan.

What Is a Content Marketing Editorial Plan?
At its simplest, this is a list of content you plan to post and when. Some common components of a content marketing plan include:

  • A list of keywords that are performing in your niche
  • A description of your target audience, such as families in need or people who might be looking to preplan final arrangements
  • Problems, concerns, or questions your target audience has that you can address
  • Topics that combine all of the above
  • Planned structure for that content, including word counts, where you plan to post it, and what dates and/or times you plan to post

Benefits of a Content Marketing Editorial Plan
One of the first benefits you’ll reap from planning ahead with content is that you’ll be more organized in how you approach funeral home online marketing. That usually results in better quality and potential cost savings. Planning helps ensure you don’t repeat topics and that you cover relevant concepts with enough depth to position your funeral home as an expert provider that people can trust.

More importantly, when you take time to plan instead of simply throwing content at your site on a whim, you can maximize marketing performance. You have time to create a plan founded on data so you’re more likely to score great search engine placement over the long haul. You can also take advantage of multichannel marketing opportunities by integrating social media, PPC ads, and organic SEO via intelligent campaigns that target specific needs and searches.

We know that planning editorial content for online marketing campaigns is probably not on your daily list. And that’s okay: You have a business to run and families to care for. You can do all that while a trustworthy third-party business puts together a proven marketing plan that aligns with your goals and message.

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