Three Things You Can Do with Funeral Home Online Reviews

About 9 out of 10 people read online reviews before they make a decision about goods or services. And they use the information in those reviews to inform their opinions about your firm. Close to 70 percent of people have at least some opinion of your business after reading fewer than six reviews!

When possible, you certainly want to ensure that the few reviews that feed those opinions are positive. But you can’t control what types of reviews people leave on Google and other sites. Attempting to do so can get all your reviews deleted.

Instead, consider using positive reviews from satisfied families in your marketing copy to signal boost them for interested consumers. Here are three ways of doing so:

1. Quote Reviews on Your Website
Ultimately, reviews are testimonials, so consider quoting them on your testimonials page. But you can also pepper your site with relevant quotes from online reviews. For example, if someone left a review praising your staff for friendly, educational preplanning services, include that quote in the appropriate section on your preplanning landing page.

2. Make Social Media Visuals With Review Quotes
Grab especially compelling review snippets or praise and use them to create eye-catching visuals you can post on social media sites. When the reviews mention a specific good or service, you can link to those landing pages or mention how other people can contact you to find out more.

3. Integrate Reviews Into Email Marketing Copy
Add quotes from reviews to your marketing emails. You can add general positive review quotes to footers or integrate review quotes into the email content when mentioning specific options for clientele.

The truth is that people are more likely to trust what reviewers say than what you say, at least in marketing messages. Bolstering your content with statements from reviews helps demonstrate your trustworthiness and reliability.

Just remember to use common sense and ethics: Don’t take review statements out of context in such a way that you’re changing the intent of the reviewer’s statement, and don’t edit reviewer statements to be more flattering.

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