Why White Space Matters for Funeral Home Marketing and How to Achieve It

Web designers have a common darling, and its name is white space. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to learn to appreciate white space, and as someone marketing deathcare services, you definitely need to learn how to incorporate it.

White space refers to the negative space around text, images, and other content on the page. It’s the space that provides a bit of metaphorical breathing room for the reader.

To understand the importance of white space in content, imagine this scenario: You’re in a conversation with someone. They talk very fast and they never stop. It’s been five minutes of talking with no breaks and no input from you.

If you’re like most people, you probably tuned out of that conversation by now. At best, you’re no longer actively listening and probably won’t remember all the points the person made.

That exact thing happens on your page if you run a bunch of text and other content together without leaving room for a pause. The reader tunes out—often by clicking away from your page in search of a more user-friendly option.

Obviously, you don’t want that. And since creating white space on the page is one of the easiest parts of deathcare content marketing, there’s no excuse not to. Here are a few tips to create those pauses for your readers:

  • Use short paragraphs. Many people recommend no more than four sentences, or about four to five lines of text, per paragraph. It’s not a hard requirement—some paragraphs can run slightly longer if most are short.
  • Break up content with subheadings and lists. Subheadings and bulleted lists make content more scannable and automatically add white space.
  • Integrate other media. Images, embedded videos, pull quotes, and text boxes break up large bricks of text and offer plenty of options for adding white space.

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