Deathcare Ebook Marketing: What Is It and Why Should You Do It?

Long-form content is powerful; it tends to generate around 75 percent more links than shorter content and 55 percent more social shares. When you invest in long-form deathcare marketing content, you increase your reach to wider audiences.

You also build more trust with potential clientele. Long-form content such as ebooks and downloadable articles provide the word count you need to cover a topic fully and demonstrate expertise and authority in the space. Larger word counts also let you provide more value to your audience, which in turn makes them more likely to remember your firm and call on you when they’re ready to make pre-need arrangements or have an at-need situation.

How Does Ebook Marketing Work for Deathcare Firms?

The first step to ebook marketing is choosing a topic to cover. Next week’s blog post provides some tips for what to include in an ebook and where to get the content.

Once you create the ebook, you can use it to drive a variety of benefits for your deathcare firm:

  • Educate readers about your offerings to move them further down the sales funnel—educated consumers feel more confident making purchasing decisions
  • Build your email marketing list to support continuous contact with potential clientele in the future—you can exchange your free deathcare ebook offering for consumer email addresses and permission to send marketing emails
  • Increase your exposure online—create landing pages and offers for your ebook that others can share via links and social media pages, driving word-of-mouth marketing power

It really is that easy. And you don’t even have to write an entire ebook from scratch to experience these benefits. Check back on the Ring Ring Marketing blog next week to find out where you can source content for your ebook.

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