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Three Tips to Increase Your Home Improvement YouTube SEO

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Posted On: February 16, 2021

More than 30 million people access YouTube daily. The site also ranks as the second-largest search engine and social media platform, making it a powerful place for your home improvement marketing content.

But home improvement businesses can only benefit from video content if people are finding it. Luckily, everything you might already know about improving the SEO performance of a blog post can be applied to YouTube videos.

1. Do YouTube-Specific Keyword Research
Begin by doing keyword research. You can start with the same type of research you would do for on-page content such as blog posts, but consider using some YouTube-specific tools. Options include Kparser, vidIQ, and WordTracker.

2. Follow Best Keyword Practices to Optimize Videos
Once you have keywords, optimize YouTube videos exactly as you would a landing page or blog post. That means including a primary keyword and a couple of secondary keywords in strategic locations such as:

  • The video’s title
  • The meta title tag for the video page
  • The meta description tag for the video page
  • YouTube tags for the video
  • The description or caption for the video

You might also include a transcript for the video. If your content is truly relevant to searcher needs, the transcript will be filled with semantic keywords that may increase SEO performance.

3. Create Great Content to Keep People Watching
Google uses behavioral metrics as part of its ranking algorithm. For on-page content, that means you get a potential SEO boost when people stay on the page and interact with your content longer. The same is true for video content—the SEO performance may be better when people are watching the video all the way to the end on a regular basis.

So don’t just slap videos up for the heck of it. Ensure you’re posting quality content that truly informs and/or entertains the viewer.

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