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Home Improvement Marketing: Facebook Trends for 2021

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Posted On: February 23, 2021

Facebook issued a report detailing user and marketing trends on the platform and what people might expect in 2021. The social media giant broke trends into four major categories. One was lifestyle trends, which may have the most impact on home improvement marketing this year.

Facebook pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic created big changes in lifestyle trends in 2020, and those trends are likely to carry into 2021 and future years.

For example, the social media platform noted that many people who were used to dressing their best and going into an office were now working from home and only conferencing with coworkers on a regular basis.

That, coupled with the desire of many people to get back to basics as a result of pandemic fears and changes, has created a desire for authenticity among consumers. People want the freedom to be authentically themselves, and they want to support brands that help them do this.

Facebook also reported that topics such as gardening (and kitchen or window gardening), home cooking, canning, and DIY projects trended well in 2020. During the pandemic, people stuck at home turned to projects to keep themselves busy or feel more in control of their lives. And many of those interests may stick around long after the pandemic.

What does all this mean for home improvement companies? It means you may want to adjust your 2021 content marketing calendars to address some of these trending topics.

For example, window companies could run blog series or Facebook posts about which windows are best for container gardening or how you can upgrade or use windows to support small herb gardens. DIY window décor projects to bring new ambience into the home or energy-efficient windows to save money on utility costs are also topics that might perform well in the current environment.

You should always be aware of trending topics and the overall climate when creating home improvement marketing content. During and just after a pandemic is no exception.

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