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Content Calendar Tools to Organize Your Home Improvement Marketing

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Posted On: February 9, 2021

One of the best things you can do for your home improvement content marketing efforts is post consistently. But keeping pace with whatever schedule you choose is often easier said than done. Put some of these free and paid content scheduling tools to work to organize your content creation and publishing.

If you have a smaller team or only need to source and publish content for one platform, such as a business blog, you might use a spreadsheet. You can quickly create columns to track due dates, content types, titles, notes about posts, and the current status of each piece. Color-coding rows can help you see at a glance where you are with content creation.

When using spreadsheets, opt for an easy-to-share version such as Google Sheets so multiple people can see and update it at the same time.

Another simple option that works well for many small teams is calendaring. Set up a shared Outlook or Gmail calendar to track content creation and posting tasks—and send reminders to the right people automatically. You can also download free or paid calendaring apps for this purpose.

Project Management Tools
Larger teams or more complex content processes may not track well via such manual tools as spreadsheets and calendars. In this case, you might look into project management tools that let you create and monitor schedules, assign and track tasks, and store documents in one location. Potential options include Trello, Podio, TeamWork Projects, Asana, and Monday.com. Some of these have free versions.

Autoposters and CMS
Depending on the scale of your home improvement marketing efforts, you might also want to invest in autoposters or content management systems. These tools let you schedule content ahead of time to a variety of channels, including your blog and social media profiles. Options include WordPress, HootSuite, Later, and CoSchedule, among many others.

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