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Three Ways You Can Reach Consumers via YouTube

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Posted On: December 15, 2020

Billions of people use YouTube on a daily basis and increasing numbers of consumers are turning to the platform for education, information, and to discover experts. Find out how you can put this channel to work for your home improvement marketing.

Some YouTube Marketing and Advertising Statistics
More than 2 billion people use YouTube every month. Engagement on YouTube is so high among people ages 18–49 that messages on the platform are more likely to reach them than those on network television, making it a prime channel for advertising.

But YouTube is popular among all age groups. Almost 60% of people age 56 and up use the platform and use among younger people is even higher.

When asked which content formats are most effective for influencer marketing, pros rate YouTube as the third most effective after Instagram posts and stories. And almost 80% of marketers say YouTube is the most effective platform for video marketing — it beats Facebook handily in that regard.

3 Tips for Home Improvement Marketing on YouTube

1. Create how-to content.
How-to content is one of the top-performing content types on YouTube. Obviously, you don’t want to give away your expertise fully for free, but you can provide short how-to videos that are related to your services.

For example, if you repair windows, you could provide how-to content on topics such as:

  • Measuring windows
  • Decorating windows for different seasons
  • Installing curtain rods or other decor elements
  • Caring for certain types of windows
  • Cleaning windows

2. Showcase your services with video.
Use video to upgrade your gallery options. Instead of static images, take potential clients through a video walk-through of work you’ve done.

You could walk through a single window installation while explaining the various features and benefits. Another option is to showcase a variety of the same types of jobs in one video so homeowners can see the outcome in different situations.

3. Advertise on YouTube.
If you’re not ready to create your own YouTube content, you can still connect with users on the site by piggybacking on the content of others. To do this, create short video ads to be displayed in front of or during other people’s content. As a bonus, you can also use those ads on Instagram and Facebook for increased ROI too.

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