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Home Improvement Online Marketing Beach Bag: What to Pack in Yours

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Posted On: June 23, 2020

It’s true: 2020 has been a long year—especially since we’re only half through it. Chances are many home improvement business owners are feeling the crunch of summer renovations and other factors, and you might be eyeing beaches or other vacation destinations with growing interest. But before you pack your beach bag, take a few minutes to ensure your home improvement online marketing is in order.

Don’t worry, we’ll make it a painless process with a beach theme! Check out our beach bag-inspired online marketing packing list.

  • Website content. This is the foundation of your online marketing campaign. It’s where all the other efforts come to rest and where consumers make decisions about your services or products. We’re going to call this the beach towel.
  • Keyword and SEO research. You can spend a lot of time and money on website content without seeing results if it’s not based on the right SEO research. Investing in this research first keeps you from getting burned by irrelevant content. Yes, the pun’s intended, because we’re going to call SEO the sunscreen of your home improvement marketing.
  • Paid advertising. Access to public beaches might be free, but we know that spending a little money can increase enjoyment for the day. Paid advertising is like that: A little investment can help boost your performance online by ensuring your site shows up for relevant searches despite page rank.

    It also helps you connect with more potential clientele on social media and retarget people who showed interest in your products but didn’t finalize a purchase. Paid advertising is like paid parking, renting a beach umbrella, or splurging for the kickboards: An affordable addition that can pay off big.

  • Review marketing. You probably wouldn’t show up to an unknown beach without finding out about it online or through friends. Is it family-friendly, clean, and safe? You need to know. And consumers need to know whether you’re going to provide them with high-quality renovations and excellent service. Reviews let them discover that you will, so don’t be shy about asking clients if they will leave one on Google for your business.

You probably have a lot more to toss into your beach bag, and at Ring Ring Marketing, we certainly put a lot more in our marketing services. But the basics above are enough to get you started on summer marketing efforts that help you connect with new clients.

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