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Filling Out Your Home Improvement Content Marketing Editorial Calendar

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Posted On: February 25, 2020

You likely keep a calendar or more complex schedule to manage all your window installation, repair, or décor jobs. But are you doing anything to manage your home improvement content marketing calendar?

What Is a Home Improvement Marketing Editorial Calendar?
It’s a planned list of all the topics you want to cover, how and where you plan to do that, and dates for publishing. Pro marketers don’t just post at whim or when the mood strikes. They feed a funnel of steady content — often content that’s planned and written weeks or months beforehand — to their social media pages and websites.

Benefits of Planning Content Ahead
Aside from reducing last-minute stress and ensuring you have a consistent, quality stream of content, an editorial calendar provides numerous benefits:

  • It lets you plan content for certain seasons. The window services most important to your business (and clients) during the winter may differ from those that take center stage in the summer, for example.
  • A plan makes it possible to create high-performing content clusters. These are multiple posts, potentially across more than one channel, that cover related topics and link to each other to drive website performance and exposure.
  • Well-planned, well-executed content tends to look more authoritative and professional, which helps persuade people your business can be trusted with home improvement work.
  • You can create and maintain a marketing budget to keep spend in check and ensure you’re getting enough ROI on each effort.

Ideas for Your Home Improvement Content Marketing Calendar
If you want customized content recommendations specific to your business, you should consider giving Ring Ring Marketing a call. But here are some broad topics you might consider including in your content marketing plan in the future:

  • How-to content that helps consumers use, enjoy, clean, or install your products, as relevant
  • Ideas for decorating windows, either for daily décor or for seasonal holidays
  • Fun topics adjacent to home improvement, such as seasonal décor, landscaping, or buying guides
  • Information relevant to local events or concerns, especially if they can be tied to your niche

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