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Why Your Ad Landing Pages Must Be High-Quality and How to Make Them So

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Posted On: December 31, 2019

The quality of your landing page impacts the performance of your Google Ad campaign. If Google doesn’t think your landing page lives up to the promise of your ads, your Ad Rank score goes down. That can lead to higher ad costs or poorer placement on the page.

Home improvement marketers can take these three steps to improve landing page quality for better ad campaign performance.

1. Write Unique, Highly Relevant Content
It’s Content 101 that you can’t copy and paste someone else’s work, but you also should avoid duplicating your own content on multiple pages. Google just doesn’t like it, and it will penalize you in SERPs because of it. (Self-plagiarism, believe it or not, is actually considered a type of plagiarism.)

But there’s another reason to write unique landing pages for each of your ad campaigns: Homeowners click on your ad for a reason, and your landing page should carry that momentum forward.

Write content that addresses the exact intent of the keywords associated with your ad and follows through on any promises or hints made in the advertisement.

2. Test Your Page’s Load Speed
If your page doesn’t load quickly, most consumers will abandon the effort and click on something else. Google also uses load times as a ranking factor for SERPs.

For best performance in 2018 and 2019, recommendations were for page load speeds of two to three seconds at most. In 2020, you’ll likely need pages that load even faster.

You can test load speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which provides a score and some tips for opportunities to increase your page’s speed.

3. Make Your Page Easy to Use
Whether a homeowner clicks your ad on a desktop or mobile device, make sure that person can easily navigate and read your page. Create content in “scannable” chunks using subheadings and bulleted lists, integrate other media, and make sure your menus and navigation are user-friendly.

By increasing the quality of your landing pages, you can boost the performance of your ad campaigns. As an added bonus, you also probably increase your site’s SEO performance.

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