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Why and How to Create Home Improvement Content Marketing that Helps Your Target Audience

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Posted On: November 5, 2019

The business purpose of content marketing is to drive people to your pages, convince them yours is the right company for the job, and sell them goods or services. But every piece of content you create shouldn’t wear this purpose on its sleeve.

Home improvement content marketing that provides your audience with help and value (without any strings attached) can actually drive more future conversions than the constant hard sell.

Why Create Educational and Helpful Content?
Providing your readers with value without demanding anything in return lets you take advantage of several benefits.

  • When readers find truly helpful content on your pages, they’re likely to stick around onsite longer. That drives up behavioral metrics such as time on page, which can help you rank higher in search engine results.
  • Content that strikes readers as helpful or interesting is more likely to result in shares, which increases the reach of your marketing.
  • Educational content supports the sales process through every part of the funnel. Even if someone isn’t ready to make a decision about new windows, for example, the fact that your content helped them along the buying journey encourages them to return when they are.

Tips for Creating Helpful Home Improvement Content
The best benefits from educational home improvement content marketing come with you present the information with a true desire to engage with and help your audience. Yes, a sale is always on your mind—consumers do know and understand this. But take these actions to reduce the salesy nature of your marketing to better engage with and support your readers.

  • Don’t gate all your content. If you have a comprehensive e-book guide to choosing the right windows, it’s okay to ask for an email address before offering the free download. But placing every blog post or article behind a paywall or gate makes it impossible for anyone to be enticed by the information and expertise you can offer.
  • Ensure content has value. Give tips that help homeowners improve their lives or the aesthetic nature of their spaces. Consider what types of problems property owners might face with regard to windows and doors and what information you can provide to help them overcome these challenges.
  • Don’t CTA on every page. Yes, you can link to your products and services. You can even specifically note how they can help. But don’t force a hard call to action on every page. Sometimes informational content is best standing as what it is: helpful tips without an ulterior motive.

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