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3 Ways Home Improvement Content Marketing Can Meet Google’s “E-A-T” Standards

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Posted On: August 13, 2019

Since 2018, Google has put increasing value on “E-A-T” content for websites to perform well in SERPs. That means content meeting expertise, authority, and trustworthiness tests is more likely to land you in top spots in search results. But what does that mean for home improvement marketing?

1. Use Authorship on Your Pages
E-A-T content is not anonymous. When Google and searchers can put a name (and an expert background) to a post, the content on that page is more valuable. That’s not just good for your place in SERPs; it can also lead to increased conversions and sales.

Leverage authorship by putting your name, staff names, or freelance writer names on blog posts in the form of bylines. Link those bylines to high-quality author bio pages that tell readers (and Google) why they should care what this person has to say. Author bios should read like resumes that prove someone knows about your niche or the subject at hand.

2. Create High-Quality Content
Build trust by creating consistent, high-quality content that answers searcher needs and intent. Don’t just create pages that describe your products and services. Offer how-to content, in-depth buying guides, and tips relevant to potential customers.

3. Chase Authority Backlinks
When high-quality sites with strong domain authority link to your pages, it’s the equivalent of a thumbs up on your content. Numerous backlinks from authority sites lets Google know people like and trust your content, causing the search engine to boost your pages in SERPs.

Create home improvement content marketing that’s so helpful, entertaining, or insightful that people will want to share. You can also build backlinks by asking to be included in industry listings, getting involved with local organizations, and offering to provide expert quotes for local news stories.

E-A-T content isn’t something home improvement marketers can ignore, and if you’re not already investing in it, you’re behind the curve. Start today to catch up with the competition and secure your place in the organic search results.

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