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Understanding the Google Maps One-Box Result

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Posted On: May 7, 2019

It’s incredibly easy to capture the Google Maps one-box result if you have only window and door or window coverings business for miles around. However, with smart marketing, you can achieve this even with competition nearby.

The Google Maps One-Box Defined

You will typically find Google Maps results appear around the top right of a search engine results page (SERP). When a search indicates local intent, Google often includes a map in addition to several business listings. Those listings are the three businesses that best match the search best (aka the Local 3-pack).

If Google can only find one business in a particular location that matches the original search, it returns a Maps “one-box result.” This one business will appear in the box. It also will be the only pinpoint on the map.

Why It Matters

A one-box result puts your home improvement company in a prime location in the search results. Usually, your business appears both in the map (to the right of the page) and in the organic listings (to the left). This makes it much more likely someone will choose to click on your link over others in the search results.

Achieving a One-Box Result

If you’re the only window or window covering company in town, you’ll almost certainly end up with the one-box result. But even if you have local competition, you can obtain the result by highlighting one or more of your most specific or unique services. For example, a window covering company that offers custom-printed shades for businesses may be able to capitalize on such a unique product.

Follow these home improvement content marketing steps to have a better shot at getting the one-box result:

  • Create a landing page on your site for a particular product or service you want to showcase.
  • Include internal links to a product or service showcase page on your home page, other landing pages, or blog posts.
  • Link to the new page from your main landing page.

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