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Making Your Phone Ring Webinars

Posted On: July 19, 2016
  • To register for the upcoming webinars, simply email us at info@ringringmarketing.com, call toll-free: (888) 383-2848, or visit www.ringringmarketing.com/Webinars.


7/28– How To Leverage Google Analytics Results To Increase Your Phone Calls


  • Google Analytics is one of the most powerful feedback tool you can use to increase conversions. We will do a live demo to teach you how to navigate inside Google Analytics, what are some of the critical metrics to look at, and what to react based on these data.


8/25– Supercharge Your Online Marketing by Making Friends with Yelp


  • We will teach you why Yelp is getting too big to be ignored, how to properly claim and fill out your business information 100% complete, how to navigate Yelp’s interface, and how to interpret Yelp’s analytics data. We will teach you how to respond to both positive and negative reviews, how to come up with a system to generate more positive reviews, whether you should do Yelp Ads, and whether to use Impression based or Pay Per Click based Yelp advertising.

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