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Making Your Phone Ring Webinars

Posted On: March 1, 2016
  • To register for the upcoming webinars, simply email us at info@ringringmarketing.com, call toll-free: (888) 383-2848, or visit www.ringringmarketing.com/Webinars.


3/1 — Top 10 Ways to Convert Website Visitors to Leads


  • Many businesses have websites that attract heavy traffic, yet their phones still aren’t ringing. Learn the top 10 ways you can convert website visitors to solid leads.


3/24– Supercharge Your Online Marketing by Making Friends with Yelp


  • We will teach you why Yelp is getting too big to be ignored, how to properly claim and fill out your business information 100% complete, how to navigate Yelp’s interface, and how to interpret Yelp’s analytics data. We will teach you how to respond to both positive and negative reviews, how to come up with a system to generate more positive reviews, whether you should do Yelp Ads, and whether to use Impression based or Pay Per Click based Yelp advertising.


4/12– How To Leverage Google Analytics Results To Increase Your Phone Calls


  • Google Analytics is one of the most powerful feedback tool you can use to increase conversions. We will do a live demo to teach you how to navigate inside Google Analytics, what are some of the critical metrics to look at, and what to react based on these data.


Coffee Talk with Welton


  • Every Thur, Welton will be recording a short video to educate you on what are some of the major news going on in the online marketing world. He will digest the topics in layman terms so that you can use these tips to out grown your competition. To subscribe to Coffee Talk with Welton, visit www.ringringmarketing.com/CoffeeTalk.


Stay Connected


  • We regularly send out even more marketing tips and handbooks on how to grow your business. To receive these tips, please go to https://www.ringringmarketing.com/tips.

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