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Use PageSpeed Insights for Fast Load Times

Posted On: August 6, 2014

We’ve noted it many times before: The future of search is mobile, and having pages that load quickly is critical to satisfying visitors and getting great search rankings.

To be sure you’re ahead of the curve, let Google lend a hand: It’s providing updates to its PageSpeed Insights tool with new recommendations for mobile pages.

The new recommendations suggest ways to make your site more easily navigated by mobile users. Some of them get a bit technical, but here are a few of the more layperson-friendly ones:

Legible font sizes: If users have to zoom just to be able to read text on their smartphone screen, your site isn’t mobile-friendly. PageSpeed Insights checks that your site’s text is large enough for most users to read comfortably.

Tap target size: Nothing’s worse than trying to tap a button or link on a phone or tablet touchscreen and accidentally hitting the wrong one. Make sure your mobile site’s touchscreen tap targets are large enough to press easily.

Avoid plugins: Most smartphones don’t support Flash or other browser plugins, so be sure your mobile site doesn’t rely on plugins.

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