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You’re Not Having a Bad Day

Posted On: March 4, 2014

Not if your job is sales, that is. There’s no such thing as having a bad day, being in a bad mood, not being in the mood, etc. If you’re really incapable of getting in the right mindset to do the best sales job you can, you’re better off calling in sick. Get better, feel better, and come back with a 100 percent can-do attitude.

When your heart’s not in it, selling is a doomed proposition. Do anything you can to reset your frame of mind and go after the sale with a full commitment.

If this malaise is becoming chronic, there’s a problem, and you need to put on your detective cap and figure out what it is. Has something caused you to have less faith in the product or service you’re selling? Do you know believe in it as firmly as you once did? Is it a personal issue?

Whatever it is, deal with it. There are many great inspirational books (and other media) that can help you push through a case of the blahs. If the issue is with the product or service you’re selling, see what can be done about that.
If it can’t be fixed to your satisfaction, you should look into a different line of sales. In a legitimate business, you’ll never be successful selling something you don’t believe in.

Whatever it is, the key is to take action. Simply the process of taking action has been shown to immediately improve your outlook and attitude. Worrying about an issue just makes it worse: Being proactive is energizing and creates a surge of good feelings.

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