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Use Google Tools to Improve Your Marketing

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Posted On: June 6, 2013

Everyone knows the term Google. Well, at least anyone who has electricity knows the term Google. But many people only think of “Google” as a verb–“Hey, Google the lyrics to that song about that guy who did that thing”–or maybe use Google Maps to find their way to the house of that guy who did that thing.

Well, Google has many utilities for business owners that go beyond Search and Maps, and many of them are free. Google has significant power aside from being the world’s biggest search engine. Here, we’ll touch briefly on some of those tools:

Google + Local/Maps: We mentioned Maps above, but having a complete Google + Local listing is critical for every business. When people find your business on Maps, they’ll see your Places listing. It’s completely free and one of the best ways to get customers to discover your company.

AdWords: If you’ve done any online marketing, you’re probably familiar with AdWords. If not, it’s time to get with the program. AdWords are an extremely effective way to advertise by targeting specific keywords related to your business. When people search for those keywords, your ads will appear on Google. When used intelligently, it’s a great way to boost your search traffic.

Search-based Keywords: This tool uses actual Google search queries to provide keyword suggestions. Simply submit your site; the tool will provide phrases it discovered on your pages. This allows you to see how these keywords perform in monthly searches and price for suggested bids.

Docs: This great word processing and collaboration tool makes it easy to work on document with partners online. All you need is a Gmail account to access to this tool, which makes sharing works-in-progress a breeze.

Alerts: Want to know every time your business and your name are being mentioned online? The Alerts tool monitors specific keywords and sends you receive messages when the phrases are used. This free resource makes it easy to stay on top of all sorts of trends in real time.

Trends: This tool helps you put together a smart keyword optimization strategy. It gives you the ability to evaluate the popularity of certain terms and see how their demand varies over periods of time.

There are many other great tools, including Analytics, Groups, and Checkout, that can help your business prosper. Ring Ring Marketing is happy to help you determine which applications are best and most effective for your business.

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