To Funeral Homes Who Want To Participate in Social Media But Don’t Know Where To Start

To funeral homes who want to participate in social media but don’t know where to start

For several years, local businesses have been turning to social media to drive revenue, increase awareness and get their message out to potential clientele.

But funeral homes have lagged far behind in this trend. Many funeral directors have been unsure of how social media fits into their marketing strategy. What should you post? How can you gain a following with death care content? Where do you start?

We know it’s confusing, but here’s the deal: When implemented properly, social media can be extremely beneficial for funeral homes.

And that’s especially true right now, when more and more Americans are choosing lower-margin services such as direct cremation. There’s never been a better time to communicate how families benefit from the comprehensive services you provide.

In addition to generating higher margins on at-need cases, social media is a major influencer in driving preneed sales. It’s the perfect outlet for communicating the benefits of funeral preplanning to a receptive demographic.

In this FREE webinar, Ring Ring Marketing founder Welton Hong will explain exactly how to execute a social media campaign that will position your funeral home for success now and in the future.

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