The Expert’s Guide to Answering Your Phone

The Expert’s Guide to Answering Your Phone

How good is your staff at answering the phone?

Do your employees know how to deal with tricky questions about pricing in general? About whether you provide cremation services, and for how much? About why a family should choose you over a bargain-basement direct cremation provider?

Do they understand customer service fundamentals such as introducing themselves, asking for the caller’s name, and soliciting critical details from the caller in a thoughtful, empathetic way?

This webinar is hosted by Julie Burn, CCrE, CSE, a nationally renowned expert in phone communication techniques for funeral homes and a cremation specialist. She’s helped more than 600 funeral professionals and looks forward to helping you as well!

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how important it is to answer the phone in ways that better engage families in your area and that produce higher revenue and more satisfied clientele.

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