How To Increase Phone Calls with Mobile Marketing (Joint Webinar with Google)

Exclusive New Webinar: Ring Ring Marketing and Google on Mobile Marketing

Phone calls skyrocket when you harness the power of mobile marketing. In a rare partnership event, Ring Ring Marketing and Google shows you how to use mobile to attract leads, drive conversions and supercharge revenue

It’s incredibly rare for Google to team up with an outside marketing expert for one of its renowned business webinars, which is why I’m so excited to be included in this highly exclusive group.  I teamed up with Google to explain why it’s critical to put mobile marketing to work for you.

The focus of this webinar is mobile marketing, which has been increasing in importance recently and is expected to be one of the biggest difference-makers in 2016. Google and I will cover the reasons why your business website or landing page needs to be mobile-friendly in order to be competitive in your local market.

We have now crossed the tipping point: More people now use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to research products and services on Google than they use desktops. This is not limited to looking up local restaurants or accessing social media. It’s now the main way people investigate and decide upon virtually any type of business.

Even when potential customers do their final stage of research on a desktop computer or a tablet, they tend to begin the process on a smartphone. If your website or landing page doesn’t translate well to a phone, you’re missing out on leads left and right.

Mobile marketing lets you engage with leads early in the sales cycle, before potential customers take that next research step. Because many of your competitors are not tapping into mobile yet, you can get ahead of the pack by adopting now.

In addition to what I’ve noted above, here are some of the specifics Google and I covered in the webinar:

  • How consumers take immediate action after doing a search on mobile: 48% call the business, 51% visit the business, 24% made a purchase (in-store or online)
  • How consumer behavior has changed and how you can use the concept of “cross devices” to drive conversions and revenue
  • How to reach consumers through mobile marketing
  • How to use Google Ads to reach those potential customers looking for your particular services or products through mobile devices
  • How “click to call” lets interested consumers call you with a single touch on your mobile ad without even needing to go through your website
  • How to track mobile conversions
  • How to use the Five Principles of Mobile Friendly Websites to convert leads

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