Hospice Referrals: A Special Webinar for Funeral Homes

Presented by Ring Ring Marketing in partnership with Greg Grabowski from Hospice Advisors

Navigating the challenging landscape in the deathcare profession is no easy task. While offering compassionate services, you also need to focus on growth levers for your firm.

This is where hospice referrals come into play—a largely untapped resource to not only grow your branding and call volume, but also provide families with the seamless continuum of care they need.

In this special workshop, industry expert Greg Grabowski from Hospice Advisors will guide you through the essentials of networking and relationship-building with hospice providers. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to elevate your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Networking Strategies: Learn effective techniques for connecting with hospice providers.
  • Increasing Call Volume: Practical insights into boosting at-need calls.
  • Building Trust: Develop authentic relationships with families through hospice referrals.

About Greg Grabowski

With decades of experience in the hospice industry, Greg Grabowski is a recognized authority on establishing fruitful relationships between funeral homes and hospice providers. His insights have helped numerous funeral homes grow their brands and call volume.

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