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University Automotive

Auto Repair

“At University Automotive, we repair all types of vehicles. We are located near Sacramento State University. Before finding Ring Ring Marketing, we used a number of different businesses that were frankly just flaky. They wouldn’t follow through with what they promised. And we went from one to the next to the next just trying to find somebody who would follow through and do what they say they were going to do.

Ring Ring Marketing did a marketing analysis with me and didn’t charge me for it. Every week I get a report from them telling me exactly where we are at on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I think the thing I enjoyed the most about working with Ring Ring Marketing is that they follow through with everything they say. If I have a question, I ask them, and they get right back to me. They have never left me wondering what happened to them. They are always on top of it, just as promised.

I have recommended them a number of times to people all over the United States. Ring Ring Marketing did marketing analysis for them, and whenever there a situation where they couldn’t help, they let them know. I only hear good things about everybody I recommended them to. That’s why I’m willing to tell people about them.”

Craig Heiser
Owner, University Automotive
(916) 273-4875
607 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825

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