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“I’m Bill Scott from Scott’s Tire in Chambersburg, PA. Over 25 years, we’ve tried almost every kind of marketing. We’ve done a lot of direct mails. We’ve done some TV, radio, and newspaper ads. In time, a lot of that has lost its effectiveness for us. We’ve always had an Internet presence, but it was essentially just a website; we’d answer emails and they’d kind of dribble in.

Recently, another shop owner recommended that I check out Ring Ring Marketing and their pay-per-click advertising services. We did, and when we looked at our Google Analytics, we saw that we immediately got another 20 unique visits per week. Our email requests for pricing on tires and repair services quadrupled. And our phone is just ringing off the hook.

The other thing I really like about Ring Ring Marketing is that I can talk to the owner. And if we have some suggestions we want to try, they implement them immediately. I would recommend Ring Ring Marketing to anyone at this point. Really, we owe it all to Ring Ring Marketing.”

Bill Scott
Owner, Scott’s Tire
(717) 264-8305
725 S. 4 th Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201

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