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Pelle Heating & Air Conditioning

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“Pelle Heating & Air Conditioning is a residential heating and A/C installation company. We install new construction and do retrofits, change-outs and top-outs. We’ve served the South Bay and all surrounding cities since 2002.

Traditional advertising such as mail or the Mercury News is very expensive, and we weren’t receiving the benefits and results we thought we should be. So we decided there had to be another way to invest our advertising dollars. That’s when we decided to contact Ring Ring Marketing.

Basically, all our leads come from the Internet, referrals, or repeat customers. We were at a point where we needed to improve our sales and get the word out to the public. Ring Ring Marketing made changes to our existing website to get us more exposure on the Internet. Our sales have definitely increased. I have recommended Ring Ring Marketing to other clients, and they were so impressed that they hired them as well — and their sales have improved. It’s just a very good value for the money invested.”

Steve Pelle
Owner, Pelle Heating & Air Conditioning
(408) 800-2791
3751 Charter Park Court #D, San Jose, CA 95136

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