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Pelican Replacement Windows

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“Pelican Replacement Windows has been in business for about 12 years now. The primary part of our business is to help home owners who have older single pane windows. We come in with new energy efficient windows and do an install in their homes in a process we all call retrofit window replacement.

What sets us apart at Pelican Replacement Windows from all of the other window companies is that the home owner can really expect a quality process with us from the opening of sales presentation to the finished installation.

When we first started, we really did only print media. We were driven by newspaper advertising and direct mails. What changed for us is when we recognized that home owners are using the internet as a key tool to learn about their options for replacement windows.

Since partnering with Ring Ring Marketing, we really seen a big increase in conversion of our online marketing activities. Their understanding of internet marketing, how to use our website properly, how to do Pay Per Click ads, how to really turn that effort into driving consumer to our website and to our phones/showrooms. We have really seen a big increase in our numbers and performance after getting dialed in with Ring Ring Marketing.

Tim Skeer
Owner, Pelican Replacement Windows
(760) 598-6422
2210 La Mirada Dr, Vista, CA 92081

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