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“I’m an owner of a commercial painting company. I was in need of getting in front of larger commercial clients. Being a small business owner, I don’t have the time to deal with advertising and that is why I chose Ring Ring Marketing. They take care of all that and relief me from the stress of worrying where my advertising dollars are going. I sat down with Ring Ring Marketing, and they explained the Pay Per Click advertising. That seemed like a great fit for me.

I noticed that in about two weeks, the quality off the calls that came in were potentially a lot better than what I was normally getting. So, my initial marketing investment I put out, I’ve see about 10 times the amount come back to me. With Ring Ring Marketing, they tend to walk me through the whole process, communicating back via email letting me know exactly how my campaign is doing. They always found a way to critic it and make it work for my benefit. They did an awesome job. If you are interested in increasing your revenue, my advice is to leave it to the experts like Ring Ring Marketing. ”

Jim Milliman
Owner, J Milliman Painting
(408) 849-5155

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