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“We started using Ring Ring Marketing several months ago. We were already using Facebook and Google, emailing customers and trying to set up Google and Bing. My belief is that you should use a professional to do the job, whether it’s auto repair (our expertise), appliance repair or anything else where you are not an expert.

When we started, we were not on the first search results page for our area under auto repair. Ring Ring Marketing was very patient in explaining how it works and how they had to do it under certain guidelines to make it work. We had just updated our website before hiring Ring Ring Marketing. They told us that it needed a few adjustments and explained why. They did a great job.

We have had great responses so far. We ask every customer how they heard about us, and more and more are saying it was the Internet. When questioned further, they have said Google was the number one place they found us. I would say more of our new customers are coming from the Internet. We do a three-step letter to new people in the area, and I believe Google has surpassed our three-step letter.

By the way, I just searched Google for auto repair 97229 [the business’s ZIP code]. At this moment, we are the number one listed business on the first page. Way to go, Ring Ring Marketing!”

Nancy Scheewe
Du Fresne’s Auto Service
10690 NW Cornell Rd.
Portland, Or 97229

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