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Bay City Windows

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“Bay City Windows is a replacement window company. Our clients are homeowners, sometimes landlords. We go into people’s homes, sell and install the windows. We don’t work with contractors or builders. So our clients and our relationships are with homeowners. Bay City Windows has been in business since 1982.

Like most companies, our marketing was mainly based on paper: Yellow Pages, newspaper ads and direct mail. It was expensive and not environmentally friendly. And as the economy goes through its ups and downs, the values of those ad campaigns really varies.

Most of our clients see us online as a result of Ring Ring Marketing’s efforts. Working with Ring Ring Marketing opened our eyes to the opportunities we have on the Web to reach customers all throughout the [San Francisco] Bay Area. I have found Ring Ring Marketing to be really responsive. Whenever we have questions, either through emails or phone calls, we get answers very quickly. I think any small business looking to reach more customers in a cost-effective way should really look at Ring Ring Marketing.”

Rob Bentley
Owner, Bay City Windows
(510) 400-8585
3030 Osgood Ct, Fremont, CA 94539

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