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Ring Ring Marketing partners with local businesses to help them attract new clientele, improve their brand awareness, stand out from their competitors, and — most critically — make their phones ring off the hook with calls from qualified new customers.

That’s why we named the business Ring Ring Marketing: We handle all the technical issues for you. All you have to do is answer the phone.

Best of all, you never have to worry about your investment, because we offer all our business partners a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee. We charge a fee, and if our campaign fails to meet your expectation, we refund every penny. We’ve never failed to fulfill that promise, not once in the history of our business. That pledge is the foundation of Ring Ring Marketing.

Two reasons we can make that guarantee

1) We know our system works. We are experts in marketing local business on the Internet, and in 2013, Internet marketing is marketing. No longer is online just one aspect of a marketing approach: Due to the incredibly rapid advances in technology over the past couple of years, the Internet — be it Google Search, your website, social media, etc. — is far and away the main place people search for and find your business.

2) We only work with businesses that fit our system. It’s very likely that yours will fit as we have done some preliminary research already, but if it doesn’t, we won’t waste your time or money. Unlike some other businesses in our industry, we won’t make grand claims that we can’t back up or cram you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different and needs to be approached uniquely.

We have a simple application process for businesses interested in partnering with us. Just email us at info@RingRingMarketing.com or call (408) 982-6096. We’ll discuss your particular company and how, if it aligns with our criteria, we can employ an online marketing campaign structured specifically for you.

We’re very good at we do, and we exclusively work with local businesses that are very good at what they do. Some businesses simply cannot be helped no matter how much marketing you try, and we do not partner with them.

We also limit our partnerships because — unlike many other marketing companies — we won’t accept your hard-earned cash if we can’t guarantee you’ll double your money by working with us. That’s why we have a comprehensive evaluation process before entering a new partnership.

If the numbers don’t work out and we’re unable to help you, it won’t cost you a penny. That’s why there’s zero risk in contacting us for an evaluation. We want to make it easy for you, because that’s how the best partnerships work.

Get a jump on your competitors and learn how a professionally executed Internet marketing campaign can make this your most successful year ever. Just email us at info@RingRingMarketing.com or call (408) 982-6096 to get started.

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