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Customized Internet Marketing Plan

We do not have a “one program fits all” business approach. Every campaign is customized to fit each business based on its short-, medium- and long-term goals.

Monitoring and Measuring

At Ring Ring Marketing, we share all of our data on your campaign every week. We do this because we stand behind our work, and when you do good work, you want to share it.

Website Design and Maintenance

Ring Ring Marketing helps you design and build websites from scratch. We also help you update and maintain your website to ensure the content is always fully optimized.

Website Conversion Optimization

We provide an expert, in-depth evaluation of your website from a conversion and usability perspective. If you know your website can perform better, but you’re not sure how to fix it, we will give you specific, actionable advice for improving content, design, organization and persuasiveness to meet your conversion rates.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

We employ pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing to quickly drive traffic to your phone immediately. PPC can be a powerful, cost-effective, profitable advertising tool.

Local Search Optimization

Our local search optimization methods can get your site onto very first page of a search engine’s listings for relevant local keywords. We focus on ways to help local businesses promote and market its services online to a local client base.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every single SEO campaign is different; there is no “magic bullet” for fast rankings. We will analyze your site and your competition to best strategize how to bring you qualified traffic. We use only “white hat” search engine optimization techniques – after all, an authoritative site is no good if it’s banned from Google!

Mobile Search Optimization

Whether your focus is online conversions or offline sales, mobile search optimization can help you achieve your goals by using our mobile technology tools to connect you with customers while they’re on the go.

Business Profile Video

Websites with videos have much higher conversion rates. A business profile video highlights the strongest selling points and history of your company while putting a face to the company name, showing that real people are running your business.

Keyword Research

We will work with you to conduct extensive keyword research to determine the most popular search terms people use when searching your company’s products and services. After all, if you don’t know the ways people are seeking your content, it’s pretty hard to ensure that your content “speaks” to them using the words they search for.

Competition Analysis

We will perform detailed competitive analysis of your competition’s websites, including traffic, keywords, links, visitors and social media. Understanding your competitors’ successes can save you the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work.

Call Tracking System

We have call tracking technology that tracks every single visitor who calls you. It does this by allocating a unique telephone number to each visitor. We can also track what the visitor is doing online. This lets us report on how the visitor found your website, the exact keywords that were searched for, and which pages this visitor viewed before, during and after the call.

Reputation Management

People no longer ask you for character references; they go to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Angie’s List and similar sites. What these review sites shows people — accurately or otherwise — is your reputation. Don’t let inaccurate information, unfair attacks or smear jobs damage your business or career.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are excellent lead generation tools for inbound marketing — when used correctly. When used in an unfocused way, without a specific action plan, SMM can cause more harm than good. When correctly incorporated into a focused campaign, SMM is a highly effective way to deliver big-time results at virtually no cost to you.

Customer Retention Tactics

Come Again

If your business relies heavily on repeat customers, we will carve out a plan for you to retain these clients. We do this by leveraging social media, email list marketing, direct mail and other effective techniques.


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