Why Website Conversion Is Key to At-Need Call Growth

Why Website Conversion Is Key to At-Need Call Growth

So many marketing companies go on about traffic: Here’s how we’ll get traffic to your website! We’ll do this and that and soon you’ll be drowning in traffic! None of your local funeral competitors will be getting any traffic, because you’ll get all the traffic!

…Which all sounds well and good. At Ring Ring Marketing, we understand the importance of delivering traffic to your website. But here’s what other marketing companies often fail to tell you

Traffic is meaningless if your website isn’t designed to convert.

In other words, if lots of people arrive at your site but then fail to act—either contacting you for an at-need situation or for information on preneeds—then all that traffic is meaningless. You’re not attracting clientele; you’re only attracting window shoppers.

What’s the remedy? To generate lots of at-need calls, your funeral home website must be specifically designed for conversions—and RRM founder will explain exactly how to make that happen in a free webinar.

Welton will cover all the main elements of how to turn your funeral home website into a massive at-need conversion generator—while still retaining the professional, reverent tone expected appropriate for the industry.

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