The Latest Trends in Google PPC Ads: Increase Calls and Protect Market Share with the Right Paid Advertising Campaign Strategies

PPC ads are still the best way to increase at-need calls in 2022. The fact is Google owns 90% of search traffic, and no one can afford to ignore it.

All one has to do is view a search engine results page to see it’s pay-to-play if you want to show up where it matters: near the top on page one. Today, it’s not uncommon to see four ads that take up most of the screen before someone can see the local results in the Google 3-pack.

In this free workshop, he’ll break down the elements of a successful PPC ad campaign, share the latest trends, and show you how to set up one up from scratch. Welton will also explain how much you should spend, provide best practices, and discuss some changes Google has recently made.

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