SEO 101

Funeral homes are already facing enough challenges in the current climate. Revenue per call was already declining before the coronavirus crisis, and the service limitations caused by COVID are only making the matter worse.

Now is the time to take proactive measures not only to generate more calls but to ensure you’re maximizing revenue per call—and a huge key to that is ensuring your search engine optimization (SEO) is on point.

SEO isn’t simply about “ranking well on search engines.” That’s certainly a big part of it, and you absolutely want your funeral home website to rank as well as possible.

But SEO is also about showcasing your funeral home as the elite provider in your area. The higher you rank, the more prestigious Google and other search engines consider your firm to be.

When you want to maximize revenue per call, you’re trading off the power of that prestige. You want calls from families looking for a full suite of services. You want families willing to pay for the best merchandise. You want to avoid price shoppers. SEO plays a huge role in all of that.

In this free webinar, Ring Ring Marketing founder Welton Hong explains everything you want to know about how SEO works and what goes into a comprehensive SEO strategy.

You’ll learn about the power of great content, why keyword research is a foundational aspect, how to infuse your content with great keywords without going overboard, improving page speed, HTTPS certificates, and much more.

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