Search Is for At-Needs; Social Media Is for Preneeds

If you want your ice cream sundae to taste great, you put hot fudge on it. If you want your car engine to run properly, you ensure there’s sufficient motor oil in it.

Hot fudge and motor oil are both highly effective for their purposes, but imagine the consequences if you mixed them up. Hot fudge in your engine would kill it. Motor oil on your sundae could kill you.

The same is true of search engine and social media. If you want to generate at-need calls, the tool you need is search  engine marketing. If you’re focusing on preneeds, the tool you need is social media.

If you mix them up, it’s like motor oil on your sundae or hot fudge in your engine. Search isn’t an especially effective tool for preneeds. Social media is virtually useless for at-needs.

You must use the right tool for your goal. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and money.

To help you avoid that, in this edition of the Funeral Home Success Show, I explain how search leads to at-need calls and social media generates preneeds.

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