Making Your Phone Ring with Remarketing (Joint Webinar with Google)

Special Event: Ring Ring Marketing Founder Welton Hong and Google Team Up to Explain Remarketing

In an exclusive webinar, the founder of Ring Ring Marketing joins Google to illuminate one of the most powerful tools to increase conversions, expand your customer base and drive revenue

I’m extremely excited to tell you about a webinar hosted with Google. In the webinar, Google and I discussed remarketing ads, which will keep your front and center for leads long after they’ve left your site — even if they left without filling out a contact form.

As the founder of a boutique Silicon Valley marketing firm and author of the book Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing, I’ve employed a variety of methods to help my partners generate many more leads and to double — and even triple — their conversions on those leads.

But I can say without hesitation that no initiative I’ve worked with has achieved more in less time than remarketing advertising. This is a true game-changer in the marketing world, something that provides more bang for the buck than virtually any other strategy a business can employ.

Many businesses focus on improving traffic, and that’s certainly important, but all the traffic in the world is useless if you’re not converting leads into customers. Remarketing is a powerful tool for advertising to people who have already shown a strong interest in your products/services, despite not purchasing anything at that time.

Remarketing uses technology to track someone who has visited your website but did not compete the process of converting into a customer. As Google explains it, remarketing gives you another chance to close the deal.

People searching for a service or product that’s fairly substantial rarely stop researching after checking out only one potential provider. They might check out your website, leave and then view several other sites while considering their options.

However, remarketing directly promotes your products and services to people who have already checked you out. When someone visits your site, the technology tracks the visitor through the use of cookies. Wherever this person goes on the Internet afterward, the technology displays your specifically designed advertisements.

This keeps your business in the searcher’s mind when he or she continues through the research process. While the searcher might be considering a variety of businesses, your ads will be the ones that continue to show up.

Your ad works like a virtual “salesperson” who keeps gently reminding the potential lead that they’ve been to your website before and that you can provide solutions for their needs.

Even better, remarketing ads are pay-per-click (PPC), not impression-based. That means you don’t pay anything when the lead simply sees your ad. You only pay when the searcher actually clicks your ad to revisit your website or call you.

In the webinar, Google and I explained this exceptional technology in greater detail, providing the guidance you need to put this tool to work and start kicking your conversions into overdrive.

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