‘Look Over My Shoulder’: Watch Welton Hong Interpret a Google Analytics Report to Help You Get More Calls, Step By Step!

Ring Ring Marketing Founder and CEO Welton Hong has analyzed so many Google Analytics reports over the years, he can’t even put a ballpark number on it. If he’s not over the 1,000 mark yet, he’s certainly getting very close!

With his “Look Over My Shoulder” series of webinar presentations, he wants to show you exactly how he mines data from these reports to help funeral homes grow more calls. With this information, you can laser-target your marketing efforts to generate more revenue ASAP!

In a Look Over My Shoulder presentation, you get to do exactly that: You effectively look over Welton’s shoulder, watching every single step Welton and his team take to help funeral homes grow!

Interpreting a Google Analytics report is one of the foundational strategies for understanding where your funeral home marketing is working well—and where improvements can be made.

These reports can be confusing at first glance, but Welton will show you exactly which data is important to you and how to use it to your benefit.

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