LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER: Leverage the Power of Google Business Profile for Your Cemetery

Many local businesses make this common mistake with their internet marketing: They haven’t ensured their Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) listing is complete and accurate.

Honestly, we get it: It doesn’t sound critical, does it? And yet it’s a fundamental aspect of how your cemetery is portrayed on Google, which owns 90 percent of the market share in search and is also by far the biggest player in PPC advertising.

When it comes to Google, the truth is many cemeteries are not even showing up in the top results when someone searches for funeral or cremation services near their location. Lots of cemeteries are not even in the conversation during this important step of the buying cycle. You can change that, and it starts by paying attention to your Google Business Profile.

In today’s competitive environment, you need to be very clear about what services you provide, that you’re open 24/7 for immediate needs, and so on. Your business listing covers all that information so that you stay ahead of your competitors.

So, how do you ensure your Google Business Profile is just right? I’ll break it down step by step in my FREE “Look Over My Shoulder” webinar.

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