Is Your Marketing on Target? “The RRM Bullseye Method” For Funeral Home Owners

Increasing the ROI of your marketing efforts can be difficult without the right strategy. The truth is most funeral home owners (and even the marketing firms they employ) don’t know where to begin when it comes to an effective marketing strategy and often waste a lot of money in the process trying to figure it out.

After serving hundreds of funeral homes over the years, we discovered a proven digital marketing formula that hits the mark every time: the Bullseye Method

During this free workshop, Welton Hong will share with you our secrets to this successful strategy by breaking down our method in detail:

  • The sequence of our At-Needs and Preneed Bullseyes, and why following this sequence in order matters
  • Where Google, YouTube, and Facebook fit in the picture

The best part is that we’re offering you this recipe to success for FREE.

Is Your Marketing on Target?

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