How to Brand Your Funeral Home as the Local “Go-To” Firm

You’ve got a fight on your hands. Direct cremation brands are nipping at your heels and stripping away at your calls, which leaves you with two choices: fight them or join them.

In a previous webinar, Welton Hong explained why most independent funeral homes should not join in and start their own discount brands: It’s not as simple as it sounds. Starting a direct cremation service requires a lot more time and resources than you may think are necessary as well as a different mindset. Chances are you got into this business because you’re a caregiver at heart and quality of service are not just words to you.

Rather than changing course or starting an additional service, you should focus on your strengths instead and learn how to better sell your value to become your area’s “go-to” firm.

If you want to win this fight, you’ll need to step up your game. Successful discount brands are very business savvy. Your firm will become the funeral home that’s top of mind in your community only through the quality of your service, along with the quality of your marketing.

In Welton’s latest webinar, How to Brand Your Funeral Home as the Local “Go-To” Firm, he’ll show what you’ll need to do, including:

  • Why and how you should train your staff to answer the phone
  • Why you need more five-star reviews and how to get them
  • How to get more earned media to improve brand awareness
  • How to use local search to become the “go-to” firm

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