How to Brand Your Funeral Home as the Local “Go-To” Firm

What to Expect

You’ve got a fight on your hands. Deathcare will only become more competitive in the future as the larger public companies acquire more properties and more discount cremation firms enter the market.

What should you do? Chances are you’ve been bombarded by different “experts” telling you how to improve your online marketing. You’ve been told “Facebook is the answer,” or “you should be doing more SMS marketing,” or “build your email list.”

Some of what you’ve heard is good advice, but a lot of what you’ve been told is just frankly wrong.

We’re here to clear up the confusion and tell you what works and what doesn’t. And one of the best ways to outpace your competitors is to become your community’s “go-to” firm.

If you want to win this fight, the bottom line is you’ll need to step up your game. Your firm will become the funeral home that’s top of mind in your community only through the quality of your service along with the quality of your marketing.

In Welton’s latest webinar, How to Brand Your Funeral Home as the Local “Go-To” Firm, he’ll show what you’ll need to do, including:

  • Why and how you should train your staff to answer the phone
  • Why you need more five-star reviews and how to get them
  • How to increase brand awareness
  • How to use local search to become the “go-to” firm

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