Conventional wisdom suggests that funeral homes shouldn’t market themselves the same way as other businesses. While that’s true to a degree, it’s just as true that death care providers need to evolve with today’s digital age just like any other business.

In 2016, print advertising is no longer a sound marketing expense. Additionally, more people decide upon business services — including burial and cremation services — through mobile devices than they do on desktop computers. We live in a world where people are online 24/7, and even funeral homes need to incorporate the successful strategies of this dynamic new environment.

As a local provider of death care services, you already know you need to promote your business in ways that are more respectful and thoughtful than a repair shop or a clothing retailer. But you can still use many of the same techniques to attract both pre-need and at-need business.

Today, even very traditional industries such as death care need to promote themselves digitally. Online marketing isn’t simply an aspect of local business promotion anymore. It’s the foundation. Business owners who understand this and act upon it are flourishing. Those who do not are putting their future at risk.

In Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Funeral Homes, marketing expert Welton Hong explains why you can’t afford to wait another second to transition your marketing efforts into the online era.

He explains how a well-executed Internet marketing plan can get your phone ringing off the hook with new business, make your revenue skyrocket, and ensure your business’ future today and for many years to come. You’ll learn how Internet marketing can:

  • Optimize your funeral home website for maximum effectiveness, increasing traffic, visitor retention and conversions
  • Use remarketing and mobile marketing to promote your death care business (in an always reverent fashion), increasing engagement and growing your brand
  • Rank above other local funeral homes and death care providers in online searches by using the best SEO techniques and highly focused, surgically targeted pay-per-click advertising

…and much more!