Distributed Workforce 101: How RRM Gets It Done Online – and How You Can Too!

Distributed Workforce 101 How RRM Gets It Done Online – and How You Can Too!

To help our clients during this challenging time, Welton Hong will be presenting a brand-new webinar on actionable tools for online work.

You already know the challenges deathcare businesses such as yours are facing due to practices in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It’s a scary situation, but here’s the truth: During this crisis, consumers are actually searching online for funeral services more than ever!

So while you might not able to implement certain services right now, this is a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills at implementing user-friendly tools to make your firm run more effectively.

At Ring Ring Marketing, founder/CEO Welton Hong employs a variety of business techniques and software tools to lead a distributed workforce.

Even when everyone’s working from home—which is the case for all RRM staff right now—we’re still working just as hard as ever for our clients, thanks to these processes.

We also use many of these techniques during “normal” times to manage projects and communicate with staff, but they’ve become especially critical while our employees all work from home.

These tools and techniques are not particularly complicated: In fact, most are highly intuitive and can be understood and implemented immediately. Several also are free to use for small businesses, so you should absolutely make use of them!

(Note: RRM has no partnerships with these tools and receives no compensation whatsoever for promoting them. We’re simply providing the information to help funeral businesses.)

Welton will show you exactly how these tools work and provide tips on how best to use them. He’ll show you how he employs tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Highrise, Slack, Skype, Dropbox, MindMeister, RingCentral, and Time Doctor.

Welton will also explain how RRM uses proven business techniques to make his distributed workforce more effective and efficient, such as the “scrum” process management framework, both daily and weekly (“Level 10”) lineup meetings, and more.

This free webinar is packed with actionable techniques to help your business not only survive but thrive right now.

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