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Should You Run TV Ads Today?

Should You Run TV Ads Today? A client reached out to Welton recently—while planning for 2022—to ask whether they should continue running TV ads. TV ads, of course, are quite expensive, so is it even worth running these ads in the age of the internet? You might be surprised by his answer: Yes, if you can afford it. He explains why TV ads are worth the investment in his latest Read More

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How You Should Plan for 2022

How You Should Plan for 2022 Even though it’s only October, we’ve already started the planning process with many of our larger clients for the coming year. Now really is the best time to start making those marketing plans for 2022. In Welton Hong’s latest video, he gives you a peek behind the curtain to show you what that process looks like and what we like analyze. A quick preview: Read More

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3 Blog Post Headline Tips for Home Improvement Marketing Content

The title to your blog—also known as the headline or H1 heading—is critical. That short string of words has a big job: Catch the visitor’s attention and persuade the person that it’s worth reading more. The headlines of home improvement marketing content, including blog posts, should also give the reader some idea of what to expect from the page and include a primary keyword if possible. The best conversion rates Read More

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3 Tips for Answering People Also Ask Questions on Your Home Improvement Site

People Also Ask is a box on many Google search results. It includes FAQs related to the search query along with short answers and links to websites Google thinks answers the question best. By including relevant People Also Ask questions and answers on your site, you boost your chances of showing up in these search results. You could even show up in the question box on top of winning one Read More

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3 Pro Tips for Improving Home Improvement PPC Advertising

The average return on investment for paid advertising campaigns is a worthy 200 percent. But if you’re not paying proper attention to your ads, you may not be getting good ROI. Check out these three tips to boost the performance of your home improvement PPC ads. 1. Double Check Your Keywords Around 85% of people start with an internet search when looking for local businesses. As a local service business, Read More

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