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Video and PPC: An Ideal Match for Home Improvement Advertising?

When asked what type of content provides maximum ROI, more than half of all marketing professionals say it’s video. Video content marketing is definitely something that should be on your radar as a home improvement company, but this post concentrates on a related subject: video advertising How Powerful Is Video Advertising? Consider these statistics: More than 45 percent of people take action after they see a video ad. More than Read More

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Don’t Give Up: Keep Working Through The COVID Crisis

Don’t Give Up: Keep Working Through The COVID Crisis The coronavirus crisis has impacted lots of businesses, and you might be wondering whether you should sit tight until it’s over. The answer is no! As Welton Hong explains, people actually are searching for home improvement services more than ever right now, so keep promoting your business. If your state still lets you do in-home consultations, do so (while taking necessary Read More

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What Are the Main Types of Online Advertising for Home Improvement Businesses?

Q: What ties the following words together? Display, social, search. A: They’re all forms of online advertising. But they aren’t the only options for advertising via the internet. Since no one has an infinite ad budget, you have to choose between dozens of types of advertising. Check out the pros and cons of some of the most common ones below. Display Advertising These ads combine pictures and text to catch Read More

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