How to Get Ranked in Google’s 3-Pack

Getting ranked in Google’s 3-pack is as good as it gets without having to pay for the visibility. What does it take to get listed in it? It comes down to three primary signals. The first is how complete your Google listing is. Welton Hong shares with you the other two, as well as tips on improving each one, in his latest video.

How to Tell if a Google Update Affected Your Search Ranking

Welton Hong comes to you today from ICCFA’s Dead Talks in Las Vegas. One of the things he loves about attending industry events is catching up with clients and partners and having the opportunity to answer their questions in person. While he was speaking with a funeral director, they asked with all the changes to Google’s algorithm, how can one tell if their website’s ranking was impacted? And there are two simple ways for you to check, which he discusses in his latest video.

What the Latest Change to Google Local Search Means to You

Not only did Google recently update the look and feel of its local search results, but it also updated its algorithm. Known as Vicinity, the update now ranks firms in the local results that are closest in proximity to the user as opposed to before when it gave a preference to larger firms that were closer to the center of the city. We’re not sure why it took Google five years to make this update, but we’re glad they did. Check out Welton Hong’s latest video to see how this will impact you.

Google Local Search Has a New Look

The map on Google local search appeared above the listings before, but now it’s just to the side of them. Welton Hong like this change and has his opinion as to why Google made it. Welton Hong breaks it all down in his latest video.

The Two Online Branding Tactics You Should be Using

If your funeral home already has a strong presence on Google, what’s the next step? In most cases, it’s time to brand your firm as the “go-to” funeral home in your area. You want to be the first name that comes to mind for funeral service: the “household name” in your town. Some business owners worry about branding because they think it can be expensive without an immediate correlation to revenue. In reality, two very effective online branding methods cost virtually nothing, so you should be using them! Welton Hong explains what they are and how they work in this short video. 

Why Facebook Ads Are More Expensive Right Now

If you’re running Facebook ads to drive preneed leads, you might have noticed they’re decidedly more expensive right now. That’s simply how it goes at the end of the year, when more advertisers jump in to boost sales around the holidays. How can you keep costs down while still generating leads? Welton Hong provides some key tips in this short video. 

Why You Want a Few Negative Online Reviews

We recently reported that Google My Business officially changed its name to Google Business Profile. Today, we want to make sure you know that Google added two very important guidelines regarding your profile, and they both relate to reviews. The first is that it’s actually GOOD to have a few negative reviews sprinkled in with your positive reviews. Welton Hong explains why that’s true and also breaks down the second guideline in this short video, so please watch! 

How You Should Plan for 2022

Even though it’s only October, we’ve already started the planning process with many of our larger clients for the coming year. Now really is the best time to start making those marketing plans for 2022. In Welton Hong’s latest video, he gives you a peek behind the curtain to show you what that process looks like and what we like analyze. A quick preview: It all starts with a gap analysis.

Google = At-Need Calls

As Welton Hong visits funeral service events this fall, he’s taking every opportunity to clarify how Google and Facebook align with deathcare marketing. It’s super-simple, folks: You use Google to directly generate at-need calls; you use Facebook for branding and for growing preneeds. No matter what you’ve heard, investing money in Facebook won’t make your phone ring with at-need calls. When a family member passes, no one’s going on social media to find a provider; they’re going straight to GOOGLE, as he explains in this video. 

Avoid This One Big Mistake When Responding to Positive Reviews

When Welton Hong says he’ll go anywhere to educate deathcare firms on how to thrive, he means it! In fact, he just flew straight from Texas to the New York State Association of Cemeteries’ Fall Conference. While in San Antonio, he got a question about whether you should respond to positive reviews of your business, and the answer is simple: You absolutely should! However, you must AVOID the one big mistake firms often make, which he reveals in this video.