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Create Clearly Defined Job Descriptions For Staff

Create Clearly Defined Job Descriptions For Staff At Ring Ring Marketing, Welton Hong doesn’t create simple job descriptions (aka results descriptions) for his staff. He creates a comprehensive outline of all duties and expectations, helping every hire completely understand his or her role in the company. While the duties in a home improvement business are certainly different than those in a marketing firm, your employees likely would benefit from having Read More

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Home Improvement Display Advertising: Pros, Cons, and Why You Probably Still Need It

Display ads can reach a lot of people (Google says its display ad network reaches 90 percent of internet users!). But is it worth your home improvement marketing money to invest in this type of advertising? What Is Home Improvement Display Advertising? Home improvement display advertising refers to the act of using display ads to market your goods or services. Display ads are sometimes called “banner ads” because they used Read More

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