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ADA Website Compliance Basics 1: Why Home Improvement Firms Can’t Ignore It

What do Domino’s Pizza, Fox News Network, Nike, and Harvard have in common with your home improvement business? If your website isn’t ADA-compliant, you could face an ADA lawsuit. Find out more about ADA website compliance, why it matters, and how you can attend to it in this four-part blog post series. Today, we’re starting with a look at why home improvement firms can’t—and shouldn’t want to—ignore this issue. Is Read More

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Home Improvement Affiliate Marketing: Is It Right for You?

More than 81% of U.S. advertisers have affiliate programs or are part of affiliate networks. What do they know that you don’t, and should you invest in this marketing option? What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing occurs when designated individuals or businesses (the affiliates) talk about your product or include links or ads on their own sites or social pages. In return, they get a small percentage of sales if Read More

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