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Home Improvement Website Management Part 3: Mobile Testing

In this four-part blog series on basic website management, we’ve already covered how page load speeds and dead links can impact home improvement marketing performance. We’ve also provided some tips on how to test for and fix these problems. Today, we’re looking at an equally important site function: mobile friendliness. Mobile-Friendly Is No Longer an Option We’ve said it a number of times in the past few years, but it’s Read More

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Home Improvement Website Management Part 2: Dead Links

Last week, we introduced our four-part October blog series on basic website management and talked about the importance of page speed. Now that you’ve ensured your pages load as past as possible to keep people on your site, it’s time to ensure dead links aren’t frustrating potential customers. What Are Dead Links? Dead links are broken links. When someone clicks on them, they don’t go anywhere other than a potential Read More

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Why Am I Seeing This Ad on Facebook?

Why Am I Seeing This Ad on Facebook? You’re used to seeing plenty of ads on your Facebook feed. But sometimes you’ll see a strange ad and wonder, “Why did Facebook choose to show me THIS one?” Well, it’s easy to find out! Click on the three dots (technically known as the “more options icon”) in the upper-right corner to find a menu. There, you can click on “Why am Read More

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BBB Negative Reviews

BBB Negative Reviews What do you do if your home improvement business gets a negative review from the Better Business Bureau? Unfortunately, it’s a more complicated process than contesting a negative review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. You’ll need to contact your local BBB office, but it can get even trickier from there. Learn what to know in this video.

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