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Using Gratitude Marketing to Engage Your Home Improvement Audience

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, which means family gatherings—when they can be done safely, of course—and lots of good food for many people. Whether you’re a turkey-and-dressing traditionalist or enjoy getting more adventurous with holiday fare, the reason for the festivities is rooted in the same thing. The holiday is supposed to be about being thankful and showing gratitude for the good things in our lives. Does your gratitude extend Read More

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Google Analytics’ Geolocation Tool Digs Deep

Google Analytics’ Geolocation Tool Digs Deep Sometimes it’s important for a business to know where its website traffic is geographically located. Google Analytics has a great tool to help your home improvement business do just that. Watch Welton Hong’s latest video to learn more about your visitor’s locations and how to use this option to drill down on clientele demographics.

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Three Tips for Home Improvement Marketing Images that Engage Consumers

Images are powerful in online marketing, so much so that almost 90 percent of marketers report using them in more than half of all content published. Around 40 percent of people say they rely heavily on stock photos, but you can set your brand apart online by using original graphics and photographs. That’s especially true on social media, where authenticity has become incredibly important if you hope to have any Read More

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